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AboutParalegals in Ontario

Paralegals are legal professionals that are permitted to provide legal services within specific areas of law and particular jurisdictions such as the Small Claims Court, the Landlord and Tenant Board, and the Provincial Offences Court to name just a few

Ontario became the first jurisdiction in North America to accomplish regulation of the paralegal profession.

Sharda's Accomplishments & Merits

Sharda Sankar Bickramsingh is a Notary and Paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario; having first completed the Office Administration (Legal Diploma Program) at Sheridan College in 2012, graduating with high honours, a 3.97 GPA, and rewarded for the highest mark in Litigation. 

Sharda began working among the legal industry in 2012 as a legal assistant, and completed the Paralegal Diploma Program in March 2020 at the top of her class with a 98% average and a 4.5 GPA.  She commenced her education placement with Ian Shemesh in March 2020, becoming licensed as a paralegal on December 4 2020, and becoming an official Notary Public on February 19 2021.

Member of the Federation of Ontario Paralegals and the Ontario Paralegal Association.

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Sharda Paralegal

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P: (647) 201-9202
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